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By far the best Elvis impersonator I've ever heard: Was from a week on Letterman where Letterman celebrated a bunch of Elvis impersonators.

some of my favorite musical pieces

This link takes you to "Top Tracks of Enya." Lots of beautiful graphics. Enjoy your respite.

I found this delicious web site. It's a juke box with favorite songs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. etc. Now, when you go to the site, you don't have to click on the year you graduated from high school. In fact, unless you want to start getting a bunch of pop-ups or spam mail, I'd suggest you not click on anything but the years you want to listen to. But it's fun to listen to some real "oldies."

"Here I am Lord" --

And here's a wonderful link from sister-in-law Jeanine who lives in Colorado. It's a Happy New Year song, but even though January is nearly done, you'll still love the photos of the cute little animals and penguins. I'd still love to know how those buildings on top of those ledges in what looks like the Alps got built. I know, brick by brick, but that's a long way up there. Even though it's right at the timber line which is usually about 10,000 feet, how'd they do that? And there's that beautiful voice of Sissel Kyrkjebo. Best description of her voice: pure clarity.

Here's Sissel singing You Raise Me Up. This song always reminds me of Quint because he spends time with me. It's always been that way and I do the same for him. Couple who do not prioritize time with each other get into serious trouble. And that's a fact. Remember your vows: love, honor and cherish. Spending time with each other bonds those three elements together so powerfully:

And now you can thrill to the sound of Placido Domingo and Sissel singing Ave Maria. Outstanding!

Well, it's not Christmas either but here's a most magnificent version of Still Nacht (Silent Night) performed by Placido Domingo, Sissel Kyrkjebo and Charles Aznavour:

This is from the Shanghai World Expo Closing Ceremony Concert. It's fantastic, but then, who wouldn't like the way Ode to Joy is woven into the musical piece. What I'd like to know is what the musicians are sitting on.

And here's a fantastic Amazing Grace, complete with bagpipes. I can't hear this song without shedding a tear or two. Guess it's because so many loved ones have been buried with this song played. Everytime I hear it, I remember all the loved ones I've lost.

And Amazing Grace with its beautiful, prayerful lyrics:

Here's I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle. What a voice that's been "hiding" in a church choir all these years. Now she's a world treasure.

He's been called the last living romantic -- Demis Russox. Listen to him sing Good Bye My Love Good Bye:

This video has some of his musical biography from his Greek heritage to being a transplant to Egyptian culture:

Singing When Forever Is Gone

Take a little time out from the passion of Russox and watch this last passionate scene from Dirty Dancing. Wow!

Back to Roussox: Let It Be Me --

Singing Summer Wine --

Singing My Friend The Wind --

Singing I Miss You --

Singing Lovely Lady of Arcadia --

And finally, a song that seems to have been written for him -- and sung like you've never heard it before -- Silent Night --

Beautiful version of Here I am, Lord with a powerpoint presentation. Turn on your volume and enter this peaceful place. Thank you, John and Sherre from Wichita for sending this link:">On My Father's Side</a>  by the Barn Again Group.  I've not heard it before, and believe it's exceptional. This same group, The Barn Again Gang also offers The Disciple's Prayer:
Another of my favorites is: This is Mary Did You Know and it's set on a background of graphics from The Passion.

If you have never heard anyone play a leaf -- yes, a real leaf -- then prepare to be amazed. Here's someone playing Whispering Hope on just a plain old leaf:

And Amazing Grace:

And The Old Rugged Cross, which always reminds me of my father's funeral:

Here's Sandy Patti singing How Great Thou Art

The following are Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee. I'm writing Christmas verses for this melody and it helps greatly to have the music handy.

And here's Leonard Cohen from his performance in London, singing Democracy [Is Coming to the USA] love it love it love it!

Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love:

And here's Cohen singing I'm Your Man:

What an absolutely soothing voice. Incredible. He reminds me of Franklin McCormick. McCormick owned the night between midnight and dawn in Chicago in the early 60s. He'd recite poetry, play love ballads and just talk. Leonard Cohen could read the telephone book and sound passionate.


And whoever said that there haven't been any good Christmas songs written in this century hasn't heard Travis Cottrell sing In The First Light. This is amazing: 
Tis the season to be jolly. And what could be more festive than this light show set to the music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Wizards in Winter?

and this festive beauty, Christmas in Sarajevo, complete with a little girl's fantasy:

Okay, so I'm an Elvis fan. Make no mistake about it. This video was sent to me by my cousins Al and Mark: It shows the Elvis Presley that captured the hearts of me and a zillion other teenagers before he got into all that stuff he messed around with. This was the real Elvis, not the chunky Elvis who took pot shots at TVs in his hotel room. And Martina? Well, she was about ten years old when Elvis died. Martina McBride was born in 1966; Elvis died in 1977. Good high tech duo!

LITTLE DRUMMER BOY marathon by your favorite artists:

Here are the Celtic Women singing Drummer Boy:

and by John Denver: This video has Denver singing with a cartoon of the little drummer boy coming to worship to Baby Jesus.

and by Neil Diamond:

and by Ben E. King:

and by Duncan McCall Pipes Band:

and from the Boomwhacker Orchestra (looks like high school kids playing with sticks on their feet -- believe it or not, it's amazingly good)

and here's Charlotte Church:

and here's Bob Seger, closing with a light show:


Like cello? What's not to like, right? Well, here's a real treat -- Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach's Suite of Solo Cello No. 1 in G. And get this. As if this weren't wonderful enough, it's a tribute to Salvador Dali. So you get to see some artistry in two different genres.

And here's a real treat: Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman playing together -- A. Dvorak Humoresque No. 7:

Remember the Eagles? Here they are with one of my favorities, Hotel California: I must have been naive because I never knew that this was purported to be about drugs and stuff. Who would have known? It just sounded like a good song with a good beat and back in those days, you could understand the words, even if they meant something else.

Here's Andre Rieu and Riverdance/Lord of the Dance:

More from Lord of the Dance (Cry of the Celts):

Here's the finale of Lord of the Dance with Michael Flatley:

This is the finale from Riverdance: with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler

Here's Sandy Patti singing How Great Thou Art

Judy Collins singing Send In The Clowns:

Listen to Susan Boyle sing Memory from the Broadway musical Cats:

Watch what the fuss is all about with Susan Boyle's audition at "Britain's Got Talent" as she performs I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable. -- Amazing. Just amazing! Do yourself a favor and watch this.

Here's Celtic Thunder with a beautiful rendition of The Mountains of Mourne:

Here's Don McLean singing And I Love You So: And it's a very young Don McLean, I might add.

Don McLean presents an especially poignant version of The Mountains of Mourne:

And if you're a fan of Vincent VanGogh, here's Don McLean singing a tribute entitled Vincent. It's the song Starry Starry Night sung against the backdrop of some of VanGogh's paintings. If memory serves me right, VanGogh painted 1800 canvases, only sold one in his lifetime. His brother Theo supported Vincent all his life. Enjoy! Here's the link:

First, here's the link:

Now I'll tell you that it's one of the most interesting pieces of music you may ever hear. There are musicians recording the song Stand by Me simultaneously in many places around the world. At the same time. Notice that they are all wearing ear pieces so they can hear each other recording. I was amazed.

I Will Follow Him by Carroll Roberson:

His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful by Carroll Roberson:

One Pair of Hands sung by Carroll Roberson. Beautiful song with gorgeous graphics!

"He's Everything to Me," by Carroll Roberson:

The Lords Prayer video:

Battle Hymn of the Republic -- Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Battle Hymn of the Republic -- US Army Chorus (in honor of Pope Benedict's first visit to the United States)

Battle Hymn of the Republic -- World War II photos

Battle Hymn of the Republic -- Andy Williams

World Trade Center Tributes -- Video of crashes with song Only Time by Enya:

You Raise Me Up -- skyline shows Ellis Island and World Trade Center at impace:

Josh Groban sings O Holy Night with clips from the film The Nativity Story Check out this video. Great start to Christmas season. Speakers on....;autoplay=0

The Priests -- a medley from their U.S. debut album -- talk about perfect harmony in a beautiful cathedral setting!

The Priests -- an interview with the three priests who come from Ireland

The Priests -- rehearsing O Holy Night

Ferrante & Teicher -- Midnight Cowboy

Ferrante & Teicher -- Malaguena

Ferrante & Teicher -- Theme from Exodus

Ferrante & Teicher -- Autumn Leaves

Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1 (1st Mvmnt)-- David Fung

Tchaikovsky Tonight We Love from Concerto No. 1 video montage

Tchaikovsky Tonight We Love l Be My Love  sung by Bo Cerrudo

Ben E. King -- Spanish Harlem

Ben E. King -- Save the Last Dance for Me

Beethoven -- Ode An Die Freude / Ode to Joy #1

Beethoven -- Ode to Joy against backdrop of scenes from his biographical movie Immortal Beloved

Beethoven -- Ode to Joy

Beethoven -- Fur Elise

Beethoven -- Claro De Luna

U.S. Navy Hymn -- Eternal Father (Strong to Save) -- Sea Chanters

U.S. Navy Hymn -- Eternal Father 

The Navy Hymn

Handel's Water Music -- Allegro

Handel's Water Music -- Air

Handel Water Music I -- Hornpipe

Handel: Water Music Bourree --

Handen Wassermusik Teil 3

Mormon Tabernacle Choir -- Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah

Mormon Tabernacle Choir -- Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Mozart -- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Mozart -- Piano Concerto 21 -- Elvira Madigan

Mozart -- The Next Mozart? Emily Bear -- amazing 6 year old and the piano

Mozart -- Rondo Alla Turca

Credence Clearwater -- Down on the Corner

Credence Clearwater -- Proud Mary

Credence Clearwater -- Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Credence Clearwater -- Looking Out My Back Door

Credence Clearwater -- Bad Moon Rising

Mannheim Steamroller: JOY TO THE WORLD
In the event you haven't heard, Mannheim Steamroller is sending CDs to our troops in Iraq!

Josh Groban -- You Raise Me Up --

Trans-Syberian Orchestra: Amazing! Christmas Canon

Trans-Syberian Orchestra: Frisco Christmas Lights -- Wizards in Winter

Holdman Christmas Display -- 2006 -- Angels We Have Heard on High

Holdman Christmas Display -- 2007 -- Amazing Grace

Holdman Christmas Display -- 2007 -- Music Box Dancer

Holdman Christmas Display -- 2007 -- Carol of the Bells

The Joy Movie:

Enjoy the respite of wonderful music, photos and quotations in this five-minute splash of time.

Baroque masterpieces -- many choices:

and samples you can listen to:

Vangelis -- Antarctica

Vangelis -- Theme from Missing

Vangelis -- Prelude

Chariots of Fire -- Vangelis

I'll Find My Way Home -- Jon and Vandelis

Memories of Blue -- Vangelis -- for Teri

Beautiful autumn video -- music is LaPetite Fille de la Mer

God's cosmos -- some call this God's Soundtrack -- Ela Re Elladara -- for Quint

and Alpha -- Vangelis

and Ask the Mountains -- Vangelis